Best known for his work on the Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken comic books

Guest Bio

Tone Rodriguez the comic book creator was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. And now resides in the Vally of the Sun Phoenix, Arizona. He Started drawing comics at the tender age of 6, however most of those graphic novels were considered too horrific for consumption at the time. He Started his art career starting first with painting... Painting fences. His Fences have graced the cover of Better Homes and Gardens "fences of this century" issue, However that fence was destroyed in the lawnmower fire of 09' a drastic set back in his early work, lost but not forgotten. Preparing to move on from fences to car ports Tones talents were discovered whilst doodling on a napkin at a local Pup n' Taco stand. No longer was he to paint fences for minimum wage but on to drawing comic books for far far less than minimum wage. VIOLENT MESSIAHS, SNAKE PLISSKIN, The COVENANT, SHADOWHAWK, MAYHEM! & DEAD VENGENCE all were released to rave reviews (the word "rave" is being used in place of the words good, bad or horrific, reminiscent of his early work) he has also produced art for THE SIMPSONS & FUTURAMA comics and has also done a butt-load of work for television shows like DOG WITH A BLOG, LIV & MADDIE, PAIR OF KINGS & Showtimes series DEXTER creating the DARK DEFENDER as well as appearing on the show acting like a killer. (Note: any similarity to any actually ongoing murder investigations is totally coincidental) he's also produced THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY HALPERT comic book seen in NBC's THE OFFICE. He's brought way too much stuff to this show and lord knows he's got bookies and loan sharks to pay back, so please stop by his table help lessen the blow.