Best known for Swamp Thing, Current Artist for Prince Valiant

Guest Bio

Thomas Yeates was part of the first graduating class from The Kubert School for cartooning and graphic art. His first published comics work was "Preacher," a five-page backup feature in “Sgt. Rock” #312 (Jan. 1978). He provided spot illustrations for a Batman prose story in “Detective Comics” #500 (March 1981) written by Walter B. Gibson, longtime writer of “The Shadow.” Yeates and Jack C. Harris briefly revived “Claw the Unconquered” as a backup feature in “The Warlord” #48-49. "Dragonsword" was a backup feature by Yeates and Paul Levitz, which appeared in “The Warlord” #51-54 (Nov. 1981-Feb. 1982). In 1982, Yeates and writer Martin Pasko revived Swamp Thing in a new series titled “Saga of the Swamp Thing.” “Timespirits” was created by Yeates and Stephen Perry for the Epic Comics line. He drew the “Universe X: Beasts” and “Universe X: Cap” one-shots for Marvel in 2001. In April 2012, he began drawing the “Prince Valiant” comic strip, replacing Gary Gianni. Most recently, he collaborated with Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier on the “Groo vs. Conan” crossover for Dark Horse Comics in 2014.