TV Host & Documentary Maker

Guest Bio

Strephon Taylor is an artist and musician who has been producing movies since 2010 through his own company, November Fire Recordings. His new release is:The San Francisco Cable Cars: A Documentary His previous release, Jack Pierce, The Maker of Monsters, recognizes the life and accomplishments of the oft-forgotten creator of the famous Frankenstein, Mummy, and Wolfman makeups and is the latest of his features celebrating the sci-fi and horror genres. One series of his documentaries was done in conjunction with local filmmaker Tom Wyrsch and highlights Lands End features in San Francisco: Remembering Playland, Sutro's: The Palace at Lands End, and The Cliff House and Sutro Heights. Throughout the creation of these movies he has cultivated his fondness for local lore and he shared wacky, spooky tales of San Francisco as a character on KOFY TV20. In San Francisco Cable Cars, he makes the fascinating history and engineering of this icon available to the public.