Propulsion Boost Stage Manager at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit

Guest Bio

Scott Macklin is the Propulsion Boost Stage Manager at Virgin Orbit, an audacious commercial spaceflight endeavor that is in active development of its first vehicle, LauncherOne. In this role, Scott is responsible for the design, development, and operation of the propulsion systems of the first stage of the rocket, including the company’s boost engine, NewtonThree. Scott began his tenure at Virgin five years ago and has played an active role in development of Virgin’s liquid rocket engine program since its earliest days, having spent his first weeks building the test site that would allow development of the first engine, NewtonOne. Since that time, he and the rest of the team has activated two more test stands, characterized three more engines, developed advanced manufacturing materials and methods, and pushed steadily closer to the inaugural flight of LauncherOne from the wing of a Boeing 747.