Played bold, powerful women in films such as Coffy and Foxy Brown

Guest Bio

Real Life Superhero Pam Grier was the first African-American woman to headline action films. She has played bold, powerful women in films such as Coffy and Foxy Brown and rekindled her superhero appeal with hits like Jackie Brown and The HBO television series The L Word. Acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert described Grier as possessing a kind of “physical life” lacking in other actresses. As detailed in her bestselling memoir, (FOXY BROWN, MY LIFE IN THREE ACTS), Grier overcame sexual abuse, racial barriers and has survived life’s hardships, including cancer, to become the iconic heroine she is today. Aside from her lifetime achievements in acting and writing, Grier received her Doctorate of Humane Letters from Maryland University Eastern Shore, an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Langston University, the Golda Meir Leadership Award, the Entertainment AIDS Alliance Visionary Award and was honored for her professional and personal successes by BET, Lincoln Center and Harvard University.