Director of SETI Institute Carl Sagan Center, planetary scientist, astrobiology researcher, extreme world record holding SCUBA diver

Guest Bio

Nathalie is the Director of SETI Institute Carl Sagan Center where she spearheads a new multidisciplinary roadmap to bridge astrobiology and the SETI search. Nathalie has a background in planetary science and astrobiology. Her research focuses on the exploration of habitability and life beyond Earth. She is the author of three books, and seven chapters of books on the subject of planetary science and exploration, astrobiology, and terrestrial extreme environments. Nathalie's work is featured on the Discovery Channel, NOVA, M6, BBC, National Geographic, Scientific American, Popular Science, New, New Einsteins,, and her popular TED talk. She is the recipient of NASA and other research awards. She was elected Carey Fellow in 2007, Women of Discovery (Air and Space) Wings Worldquest, received an International Women Leadership Association Award in 2012, and was honored to present the Sagan Lecture at the American Geophysical Union in December 2016. She mentors students in the field and in the lab., and meets with them in schools. All of her projects involve a large educational and outreach component. To date, she has given over 400 public lectures on the subjects of planetary science, exploration, and the search for life beyond Earth. Nathalie holds the world record for woman diving at altitude (scuba and free diving).