Director Relations Lead, Silicon Valley Lab Honda Motor Co.

Guest Bio

John Moon is developer relations lead for Honda Developer Studio at Honda Silicon Valley Lab. At Honda Developer Studio, he explores the integration of Honda vehicles and products with apps and services from startups to established partners. He recently collaborated with DreamWorks Animations to create the Dream Drive platform. Dream Drive allows developers to create new in-vehicle entertainment experiences. For 2017 CES, Honda and DreamWorks developed an exclusive VR experience, which allowed passengers to interact with points of interest in a virtual drive, play a Troll’s movie mini game and even sing along with some of the Troll’s characters.

Before joining Honda, John worked in a variety of industries including mobile software development with HTC, near field communications (NFC) chip manufacturing with Kovio, video game middleware with Scaleform, interactive advertising with kissd and credit card security with 5PEG SECURITY. His leadership guided these companies to deliver on the full potential of their technology projects.