Known for their historic costuming and group cosplays

Guest Bio

HCC Cosplay is a group of California gals (Cheryll Del Rosario, Judith Grivich, Charlene Ingram, Aimee Major Steinberger, and A.J. Wu) who have been cosplaying together for the past 14 years. They’ve won Best in Show at San Diego Comic Con International, Fanime, and the World Science Fiction Convention. At home in both armor and princess dresses, they’ve made it their mission to pass on their wide variety of things they’ve learned not to do. Have fun with fiberglass! Use more rhinestones! Scare your parents! How to be a cosplayer and have a “real” job! Being a fan is fantastic, and these gals want to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the world. Come by their table in the exhibit hall for live cosplay technique demonstrations. You won’t get a signed photo, but you will learn how to make your own molds!