CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, guardian of the Roddenberry Star Trek legacy, and founder of the Roddenberry Foundation

Guest Bio

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Jr., is the guardian of the Roddenberry legacy and champions its timeless and universal ideals to new generations through creative and inspiring science fiction productions, merchandise, publishing, underwater adventures and philanthropy. As the son of legendary science fiction producer, Gene Roddenberry, whose Star Trek series changed the face of television and continues to inspire today, Rod has followed in his father’s footsteps to be a catalyst in the creation of a world where humanity works together for the greater good. The Roddenberry legacy is further lived out through the Roddenberry Dive Team which has recently evolved into Roddenberry Adventures. Much as his father navigated the universe through Star Trek, Rod founded and leads the adventure-based organization in its exploration of strange, new underwater worlds and strives to inspire stewardship of our oceans.