Prop & Vehicle Creator & Restorer

Guest Bio

Sharp has been a jack of all trades in the industry for over 30 years dabbling in everything from building props to working as a stuntman. He has worked on movies such as Fast and the Furious, Cars, xXx and xXx State of the Union with Eddie Paul as well as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Back to the Future with Dean Jeffries and Gene Winfield. He has done several books with Dean Jeffries, Eddie Paul and Gene Winfield. For the past 15 years he has been creating, recreating and restoring both custom and movie cars. He has restored such iconic cars as the Monkeemobile, the Munster’s Koach, the Dragula, the Batmobile, the Bat Cycle, and Landmaster to name a few. He has recreated the Mantaray, the Silhouette, the Spinner from Blade Runner, and the Pink Panther. The most recent restorations include the Robocop 6000 SUX and Gene Winfield’s Reactor which are being unveiled at the 2017 Silicon Valley Comic Con. He is currently creating the Reactor II in collaboration with Gene Winfield.