Theoretical physicist known for collaborating with artists, writers and filmmakers to incorporate science into their work

Guest Bio

Professor Clifford V. Johnson’s work in science ranges from teaching and research to public outreach where he strives to put science back into the general culture. He helps artists, writers, and filmmakers incorporate science into their work, appears on several TV and online shows, gives public lectures and participates in panel discussions and other events. Johnson also writes about science, and his graphic-novel featuring science called The Dialogues will be published by MIT Press in Fall 2017. His research is part of the international effort to understand and describe the origin and evolution of the Universe and its fundamental constituents. He works mainly on superstring theory, quantum gravity, and M-theory, studying objects such as black holes and D-branes, using various techniques from Mathematics and Physics. Johnson's work has also led to new descriptions of physics relevant to the quark-gluon plasma, and various quantum critical phenomena in condensed matter physics.